2B – Experimentation: Intricacy in Sculpture


“As clay is the obvious medium for sculpture work, I decided to explore other methods I am not as experienced in. Before I began the practical element of this experimentation, I sketched 6 designs which were to be the basis of my future experimentation. I began with my designs which were simple then progressed to the harder forms as I grew more confident with the sculptural material. My first medium was wire which posed difficult as I needed pliers and wire cutters to shape the forms. Creating a waved effect posed impossible as I discovered you cannot form the tip of a wave shape with the 3mm wire I had. I shifted to tissue paper which was unable to be shaped easily due to it’s lack of form. The third choice of material was string. Whilst this medium was easily shaped, getting it to stay in that form was the challenge. I found watered down PVA glue to be the easiest fix however it did not help to maintain the form as sturdy as I had hoped. The final experiment explored paper as a medium of sculpture. I drew the designs, using a scalpel to cut certain elements out leaving behind a sculptural raindrop.”


Finishing Product

Due to my mum searching our family history approximately 3-4 years ago, we found out we were aboriginal. My family are part of the Dharug tribe, related to the first aboriginal to marry a ‘white’ man , her name is Maria Locke. Due to finding out so late in life I have been exploring my aboriginality throughout my past few major artworks I have had to complete.

In my artwork I decided on using a coloured version of all 4 maps and an uncoloured version. The coloured version will consist of 4 colours red, black, yellow, and white. This was to show the difference in effect and the change from original negative image to a coloured version

untitled untitled2

The beginning of my assignment

I found my inspiration for my art assignment. My grandfather who has been very sick sadly passed away during the time in which I needed inspiration and so I dedicate this assignment to him. I am going to do a physical place the Shortis and Timmins Pharmacy from Condobolin. My grandfather owned this pharmacy for quite some time and I have fond memories of helping out on my visits.

I started by going to the shop and sketching the insides roughly. When sketching I realised I did not leave enough room as the shop is very elongated. I made mental notes of the approximate measurements as it would be far too time consuming to make accurate measurements. This way I could later make a fairly accurate sketch of the shop and use it as a second draft or even, part of the finished product.

photo 1photo 2

Tiarra Art Prod Shop

In order to make it easier for myself I make the lines darkened with a lead pencil and scanned the image onto the computer. I then printed a copy and went to work figuring out my map. I always was hoping to do a variety of maps not only a singular map as I felt it would not challenge me enough. I started by making the map very graph like drawing lines vertically and horizontally lining up with some of the shelves and racks around the main areas. When I was satisfied the end result had an illusion and it challenged the eyes.

Tiarra Art Prod print V

I then printed another copy and started doing an aboriginal design. I found that Condobolin has a higher population of aboriginals than most in NSW (from what I know of, it is not scientifically proven). This inspired me to do an aboriginal version of the Pharmacy, the fact I am aboriginal helped me. I looked at the artworks specifically by the dharug tribe, these are the colouring pages of aboriginal animals that Children would colour when they were younger. My interpretation has similarities however as the shop is not in the shape of animal they look significantly different.

Tiarra Art Prod print v 2

Lastly I decided to draw a typographic map, which posed an extremely difficult task. I printed a copy of the original and started to write the different objects in the shelving space, and rooms where appropriate. Squeezing writing into the smaller spaces seemed just as hard as elongating the words for the bigger spaces. Afterwards I used tracing paper to attach and trace the words. This removed the barriers of the background leaving just the words to create a proper typographic map. Finally I scanned this into the computer.

photo 3 (4)Tiarra Art Prod print v 3

I decided for my fourth map I would use the original to show the comparison between the various images and how they came to the finished result. I scanned all into the computer and used work to change them to greyscale 50% and accent colour 3 light, with a texturiser. This took away the effect of them being a drawing and made them look as if they were a print.

Tiarra Art Prod print v 4


After experimenting in class and on my own, I have found many different ways to portray a map. I have found ways to map physical places and objects however but of mythic places as well. This process has not helped in my assignment as much as I would have hoped. This is due to the way in which looking at a wide variety of maps has only further confused me in my personal definition of a map. It has also made it harder for m to choose a topic for my map.I was thinking of doing my map on a future map as although I may have had to research it would have looked effective in the end. Another option would have been the dismantled map as it also appealed to me and could have potentially been a series of works rather than a singular map itself.

In the end I have chosen a different idea and although I have liked some of the experiments that I have done, both in class and outside, a particular place, a physical map such as blueprints have been my definition of a map from the beginning.

Research (images)

I am going to keep searching for inspiration in images of maps from google

The physical maps seem quite intellectual with the amount of words they have used in not a few but many of the different maps. The physical map seems like more or a graph or table of information it doesn’t really appeal to my artist side enough to be considered for my assignment.

 physical map 6 - Copy - Copy - Copy physical map 5 - Copy - Copy - Copy physical map 4 - Copy - Copy - Copy physical map 3 - Copy - Copy - Copy physical map 2 - Copy - Copy - Copy physical map 1 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Although the political map is now not appealing at the time I had found some images which I believe would look effective as artworks.

political map 6 - Copy - Copy - Copy political map 7 - Copy - Copy - Copy political map 5 - Copy - Copy - Copy political map 4 - Copy - Copy - Copy political map 3 - Copy - Copy - Copy political map 2 - Copy - Copy - Copy political map 1 - Copy - Copy - Copy

I decided to search other sensory maps I found some accurate but oddly disturbing images .I don’t know what to write about them I find them a bit weird and strange.

sensory map 7 - Copy sensory map 6 - Copy - Copy sensory map 5 - Copy - Copy sensory map 4 - Copy - Copy - Copy sensory map 1 - Copy - Copy - Copy sensory map 2 - Copy - Copy - Copy sensory map 3 - Copy - Copy - Copy

The social aspect of life is quite popular in today’s culture, I found some maps on the topic of social. They represent social in various different ways I find that it emphasises the variety of social aspects there are by having very differing maps.

social map 2 - Copy - Copy - Copy social map 3 - Copy social map social map 8 social map 7 - Copy social map 6 - Copy social map 5 - Copy social map 4 - Copy

I decided that I would just explore more maps of my own. I started with a few from the first blog just to give me a sense of direction. I started with a here – to – there map which was quite interesting.

I find it was more of a personal reflection rather than a broader term, I feel it would be hard to try and incorporate this into my assignment unless I choose a broad topic.

photo 4

Next I tried a future map, I found it very interesting as depending on the topic with research it could possibly make a very insightful and engaging map. In my practise map I choose nature as I feel it would have many different aspects which could impact on its future within the world. I only choose a few aspects which came to mind without research.

photo 1 (4)

I decided to try a political map although it didn’t get too far as I felt I would need to trace over ‘proper’ already cartographic maps. I feel that using already made maps as a basis for my work will take away from my artwork as it would reference work by others to much for my personal appreciation.

photo 2

As it is getting closer I will need to start my actual assignment soon I decided to re-explore the memory map concept for my finished product. I ended up drawing certain places along the central of Wollongong that I could remember. I am quite pleased with how it turned out I feel this might be an interesting way to go.

photo 1

I also found the dismantling a chair project quite enjoyable so I recreated the scenario with a basic object, a pen. I was quite surprised by the amount of parts that went into the specific pen of choice (UOW faculty of social sciences).photo 1 (5)

I do enjoy this idea but to try and have a series of dismantled objects would be quite a lot of work, also I would have to stick to a specific topic.I was thinking of possibly sticking to stationery, then I thought of how hard it will be to dismantle say a rubber, or a pencil as intriguing as it is I feel this is not the avenue I would like to pursue with my assignment.