I decided that I would just explore more maps of my own. I started with a few from the first blog just to give me a sense of direction. I started with a here – to – there map which was quite interesting.

I find it was more of a personal reflection rather than a broader term, I feel it would be hard to try and incorporate this into my assignment unless I choose a broad topic.

photo 4

Next I tried a future map, I found it very interesting as depending on the topic with research it could possibly make a very insightful and engaging map. In my practise map I choose nature as I feel it would have many different aspects which could impact on its future within the world. I only choose a few aspects which came to mind without research.

photo 1 (4)

I decided to try a political map although it didn’t get too far as I felt I would need to trace over ‘proper’ already cartographic maps. I feel that using already made maps as a basis for my work will take away from my artwork as it would reference work by others to much for my personal appreciation.

photo 2

As it is getting closer I will need to start my actual assignment soon I decided to re-explore the memory map concept for my finished product. I ended up drawing certain places along the central of Wollongong that I could remember. I am quite pleased with how it turned out I feel this might be an interesting way to go.

photo 1

I also found the dismantling a chair project quite enjoyable so I recreated the scenario with a basic object, a pen. I was quite surprised by the amount of parts that went into the specific pen of choice (UOW faculty of social sciences).photo 1 (5)

I do enjoy this idea but to try and have a series of dismantled objects would be quite a lot of work, also I would have to stick to a specific topic.I was thinking of possibly sticking to stationery, then I thought of how hard it will be to dismantle say a rubber, or a pencil as intriguing as it is I feel this is not the avenue I would like to pursue with my assignment.


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