In class Experiments

Previously I was just searching maps, in any shape or form I found the definitions and examples of certain types. In the practical classes we have also been looking at maps to help with our assignments.

Observation map

First off we had to walk around in a straight line ‘observing’. My group were observing buildings in order to later make a building map, we had to walk double file, no talking and enable ourselves to be fully concentrated on the buildings we passed and the order they were in.

picture 1

Dismantled map

Today we had to bring in a chair, we were told we were going to dismantle it. It was harder than we thought to take the chair apart. It took us about 2 hours to finally dismantle the whole chair. We then had to map it onto A1 paper in whatever way. We ended up doing to scale with the different aspects overlapping however a colour chart connecting the materials to their elemental parts e.g. rubber, metal and plastic. It was quite hard work but it gave quite an intriguing result as we were able to find the fundamentals and the various stages they would have went through to make the chair.

pic 2

Shadow and line maps

The next map we tried was more of a variation of the object we drew. We had a black piece of cardboard with a hole in it, we had to use it to measure the area we would draw.

pic 3

We then had to do a line drawing (not necessarily a continuous line)

pic 4

We continued with a shadow drawing only emphasising where the shadows were from the light

pic 5

Finally we went back to the classroom and made a collage of our images using a restriction of 3 coloured papers. I used brown paper, newspaper and black cardboard.

pic 6

Sensory map

The last map I tried in class was a sensory map. I sat in a particular place for approximately 30 minutes and recorded all the sounds I heard around approximating the distance without looking.


The various ideas of mapping shown to me throughout the weeks has confused my sense of what a map is defined as, confusing me as to how to go about the assignment. I now have a wide variety of options to choose from to make as the style of my map, I also had any option I could think of as a subject choice making it near impossible for me to make a decision. I might come back to some of the ideas I have been presented when I continue further with my assignment. As the shadow and line map was quite enjoyable, I found I had to concentrate and really add detail to my artwork (that could have been the particular place I choose to draw though).


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