After experimenting in class and on my own, I have found many different ways to portray a map. I have found ways to map physical places and objects however but of mythic places as well. This process has not helped in my assignment as much as I would have hoped. This is due to the way in which looking at a wide variety of maps has only further confused me in my personal definition of a map. It has also made it harder for m to choose a topic for my map.I was thinking of doing my map on a future map as although I may have had to research it would have looked effective in the end. Another option would have been the dismantled map as it also appealed to me and could have potentially been a series of works rather than a singular map itself.

In the end I have chosen a different idea and although I have liked some of the experiments that I have done, both in class and outside, a particular place, a physical map such as blueprints have been my definition of a map from the beginning.


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