2B – Experimentation: Intricacy in Sculpture


“As clay is the obvious medium for sculpture work, I decided to explore other methods I am not as experienced in. Before I began the practical element of this experimentation, I sketched 6 designs which were to be the basis of my future experimentation. I began with my designs which were simple then progressed to the harder forms as I grew more confident with the sculptural material. My first medium was wire which posed difficult as I needed pliers and wire cutters to shape the forms. Creating a waved effect posed impossible as I discovered you cannot form the tip of a wave shape with the 3mm wire I had. I shifted to tissue paper which was unable to be shaped easily due to it’s lack of form. The third choice of material was string. Whilst this medium was easily shaped, getting it to stay in that form was the challenge. I found watered down PVA glue to be the easiest fix however it did not help to maintain the form as sturdy as I had hoped. The final experiment explored paper as a medium of sculpture. I drew the designs, using a scalpel to cut certain elements out leaving behind a sculptural raindrop.”


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